Workplace Harmony

Workplace Harmony

Professional life is very interesting! You come across people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, religions, and regions. Everyone has a different way of thinking, talking, communicating, perceiving, and working.

When working in such a heterogeneous environment, it's very common, rather inevitable, to have conflicts and arguments over so many various matters. Mostly it's because of the aforementioned differences as all those attributes mold our personality. Also, for some people, some days are just different. We're all humans, and we have personal lives and personal matters, which affect our day to day personality as well.

If we realize and understand these facts, we can very easily avoid workplace conflicts and stress, most of the time, if not every time. By keeping all these realities in mind, we should:

  1. Practice empathy before judging and jumping to conclusions
  2. Try to listen and absorb the other person's point of view
  3. Think with different angles, if possible
  4. Try to put yourself in the other person's shoes

Another interesting theory I have is, that we should try to build a Professional Personality, which might be different from what our real personality is. For instance, someone might be an introvert or a shy person, which is natural, but that doesn't help much in professional life. They have to be vocal and good in communication while at work, which is kind of going against their personality, but it is really very important.

Workplace harmony is critical for any organization and more so for every professional to do their job peacefully. We should all learn to compliment each other in a positive way as good humans.

I would love to hear your thoughts!