About Me

Hey there!

I am Umair Hafeez and I am NOT a superhuman 🙂

I believe in Learn, Share, Grow 🙌🏼

Who Am I?

I am a full-stack web application developer, having more than a decade of extensive experience in all phases of small-scale to enterprise-scale projects. I have ample knowledge of various domains including Web Design Systems, Learning Management Systems (e-learning), and Resource Management Systems.

I have been leading project teams for more than 5 years and have proudly delivered numerous successful projects. I have extensive experience in handling client-facing communications and meetings both remotely and in-person.

I believe in team success & growth, hence I always put my best efforts to build & maintain a strong team bonding for every project I get to work on.

Why this blog?

After a long wait, during the COVID-19 lockdowns, I started writing to share what I have learned over the past decade. I didn't want to stick to only technical stuff, so I wrote a few articles which are non-technical and a couple of technical ones too. And I really hope to continue to learn from everyone and share my knowledge.

Please feel free to contact me for anything I can help in, and I will be more than happy to support you.